01 / Our profile

RGB Studio was founded with a small team of energetic and enthusiastic professionals to make creative, effective, valueable videos for companies.

Who we are?
We are a design and animation studio located in Central Europe, Hungary. Our colleagues are talented, enthusiastic, skillfull and ready for your project!
Why you work with us?
With our partners, we are proactively involved in creative work, while making our manufacturing processes trackable. We are constantly thinking on and making suggestions for better results. In keeping with quality, we offer the fastest and cost-efficient production solutions possible.
If you would like to present your company, product or service in a cost-effective and entertaining way, then the infographic style 2d animation (explainer animation) will be right for you! If a unique, aesthetic, exclusive look is important for you and the product has to be photorealistic, select 3D technology!
Shooting, editing, coloring
We make our shooting with the smallest possible crew, but with the best possible equipments. The material is then cut and color correction, giving the rhythm of the film, guiding the viewer throughout the story focusing his/her attention. The good editor has technical skills and dramaturgical sense that makes him a good expert.
02 / Why do you choose us?
World-class motion graphics skills, local prices
If you are looking for a precise, creative, tried and effective animation studio with low cost than you are on good place. RGB Studio is a hungarian post production studio which working with a several local ad agency and local offices of multinational companies.
We started opening for international clients: you can get multinational quality at acceptable prices. Let's try us: check our portfolios and ask price your project!
Which areas we work
If you want a quality animation or movie, we can help you in the following areas:
- Making advertising and corporate movies from script to post-production
- explainer 2d animations for broadcast, web or presentations
- 3D animations and illustrations/visualization
- post production work: visual effects, tracking, editing, subtitling.
Youtube animation are the new star
It's all about Youtube: every startup, every modern companies want a good quality animations about their product or services. These explainer videos have to be interesting and informative. The nice appearance and eventful elements can keep up the attention while the video show all of the informations. The videos raise your web site's conversation! After producing more than 100 animations in 6 years we look forward to the next order.
Producing commercials with shooting, editing, coloring
Explainer videos – producing 2D animations
2D animations are the most popular style on web: quickly produced, cost-efficient, best for infographics. We produce regularly.
3D animations, visuals
Today the 3D animations must have in the quality corporate videos. The 2D sometimes too flat, too simple but 3D nice, attention alert.
3D visuals - illustrations for websites, special (data) animation for presentaions, modifing AE animation templates, graphics design

We specialize

3D animáció
3d animáció PU
3D animáció
3D animáció karácsonyi
3D animáció
3D packshoot
Promo 2D animáció
3D animáció Eggyplay
2D explainer animáció
06 / BRANDS, on we worked 
We are looking forward to your questions!
Contact us in the following messaging panel or call us on +36-30-488-2508, where you get detailed answers to your questions about prices and processes. Exact bid based on script or estimated bid on similar animation link.
If you haven’t got any of these, give your budget and we will give you your creative and technical possibilities.

Gábor Csík
Account and post production expert

Account and post production expert

Jenő Halasy
3d expert

3D expert

Katalin Komáromi
Art Director

She worked at international agencies, worked for multinational companies as freelancer

Attila Szijártó
Eggyplay-Szijártó Bt.
Marketing manager

Thank you to the RGB Studio for helping us all the way from the idea of ​​our commercial video to the final screenings. Reliable, helpful colleagues and precise job accuracy characterize the company!

Ildikó Pőcze
Marketing Manager

It was very easy to work with the RGB Studio. From the very beginning of my joint work, I received precise answers to my questions, their proposals met our ideas, and kept deadlines. The completed animation film was first accepted by the German management, which is not uncommon. Thanks for the smooth, professional work.